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The secrets behind getting hard in ANY situation, and how most men are getting it wrong.

So there you are, you’re in bed with the woman of your dreams.

You’ve spent hours, days, hell even weeks leading up to this moment trying to seduce, woo, and court this particular woman.

It feels like an eternity….

But here you are finally ready to show her what kind of a man you really are.


Things start to go awry. You start getting stuck in your head. 

Suddenly what you thought initially was going to be such an easy process suddenly becomes your personal version of climbing Mount Everest.

You see, now your mind starts going down the rabbit hole of anxiety.

You’re questioning yourself and your masculinity.

Those repressed pain points start bubbling to the surface.

You might be stuck in your head, feeling the swirling thoughts on inadequacy. Perhaps the pressure starts getting to you and you’re worried if you’re going to be able to satisfy her. Maybe the meaning that you’ve attributed to this event is so great, the magnitude of it so big, that you feel that you NEED to hit a home run or she’ll never talk to you again.

So now faced with all of this, you’re staring at your limp noodle and the fear and the adrenaline start surging through your veins.

“Am I going to get it up”?  

“I sure hope I can get it up”? 

“What will she think of me if it doesn’t get up”? 

“Why is it not getting up right now?” 

“This has never happened to me before”?

On and on the monkey mind goes.

But it doesn’t need to be this way.

In fact, one of the problems is that you’ve collapsed the two different types of hard-ons into one. After 22 years as one of the top male performers of all time I learned a few things over my career that enabled me to overcome all of these situations, and one of the most crucial was understanding that there are actually 2 distinct types of hard-ons available to you as a man. 

The first one is what I refer to as “The erection of the mind”.

This is the hard-on that most men are familiar with. This erection is created by some sort of mental stimulation. This can be you visually seeing the woman or something sexy about her that turns you on.

This can also be created by interacting with the woman in a semi passive manner, ie you’re touching her, making out with her, eating her pussy,  something of that nature.

The key here is that at NO POINT has there been any direct stimulation of your penis.

The erection just manifests itself seemingly out of nowhere, like it’s a gift being bestowed from the god’s or something. 

Now the problem with this first type of erection is that you’re not entirely sure what has caused it?

Was it the kissing?

Was it her perfume?

Was it the newness of the situation or the girl?

This ability to not only have no exact clue as to the cause of it, but also the fact that in an exact similar situation the same stimuli might NOT create the mental erection, makes this hard-on unreliable and unrepeatable on any sort of consistent basis.

This is where a lot of guys get frustrated and start going down the loop of negativity in their mind, because they were EXPECTING that the hard-on would just appear magically as it often has….and when it doesn’t the panic sets in. 

However there is an answer, and it lies in the 2nd distinct type of hard-on. 

The second type is what i refer to as “The erection of direct stimulation” or the physically created hard-on. This type of hard-on is created only by the focused sensations that your penis is feeling as a result of it being directly stimulated.

And the benefit of this second type of hard-on is that it puts the power back into your hands….


Suddenly you are back in control of your body and in control of what is happening.

You are no longer waiting for the gods of “wood” to grant you permission. Instead you are now proactive and in charge not only of your pleasure, but getting the hint of blood into your penis on your own can have MASSIVE psychological benefits.

Once the blood is flowing, more confidence will flow, which allows for more blood which leads to more confidence. 

Don’t rely on the woman or the god’s to dictate your life, take the reigns and the responsibility for your manhood, and make the evening great. This is your first step towards greatness.

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