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Pre-launch Book Deal Packages:

5 Books: Blast Performance Anxiety Training course.

In this short online video course I cover the principles that are found in my chapter on performance anxiety. These are the principles and foundational theories that have allowed me to consistently obtain a hard-on under the most stressful and unnatural of situations. For those that are looking to perform at their absolute best when the “game is on the line” look no further. The topics covered will include.


  • Does my Dick work
  • Genetics and how those play a role in what your dick is capable of.
  • The two types of hard-ons
  • Get her “off”, lower her expectations
  • The empty mind: The concept of thinking and doing
  • The “hint of blood phenomenon” the power of skilled jerking off.

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10 Books: The Power of Pussy Eating Master Class.

In this online video course I finally reveal my secrets to eating pussy. For those that want to be the man that is never forgotten. For those that want to be the reigning king of your womans sex life, this course is a MUST! Effective pussy eating skills are the great equalizer in the bedroom and when your skills are elite, you will seem like a god among mortals. The topics will include.

– Why Pussy Eating is the great equalizer among men. – You need to love it to get good at it. – Following the Cues from the body – The Hardness of the Clit is your compass – What vibrators do and what we can learn from them.

– Techniques

  • Cross T
         * Flat tongue
         * Pointed tongue

– Tongue under Clit suction technique – Combining with 2 finger G-spot stimulation

Included as a bonus will be videos showing me going through the techniques with women and videos that show how women use hitachi vibrators and why they love them.

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20 Books: 1 hour deep dive sexual mastery coaching experience.

This is a personal 1 on 1 coaching session run via zoom, where I will specifically target your areas of pain and try to bring about a transformative experience within the hour. Together we will unpack your weaknesses and give you the necessary tools to not only be better in bed, but the skills where you can be elite.

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40 Books: 1 month Pornstar experience.

This is a 1 month coaching package whereby I teach you everything that I’ve learned over the course of my career so that you too have the ability to become a pornstar in the bedroom. We will meet for 1 hour a week for a month and go deep into which problems you are struggling with and what is our best course of action to turn you around from an average Joe to a superstar in the bedroom. From nutrition, to exercises, to mindset, to lasting longer, with a one month commitment we have the luxury of time to explore all areas of your life and improve upon them so that you can achieve supreme confidence in yourself and your abilities.

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