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Ah the almighty vibrator…..instrument of the god’s, maker of quivering orgasms and wet bed sheets.

But what useful knowledge does this instrument of pulsation have to teach us mere mortals? 

Well a lot actually.

When you actually breakdown what the vibrator is ACTUALLY doing, you can quickly see just WHY it’s such a fan favourite of the ladies. But, if you follow the principles of the almighty vibrator you too can be a master of the pussy and be the next reason that she needs to buy a new bedspread from IKEA. 

When you look at the vibrator, it’s doing 3 things exceptionally well.

Those same things can and should be replicated by you and your tongue during the sexual interaction.

After all, she’d much rather YOU be good at it, otherwise she wouldn’t have invited you over to “chill and watch some netflix”.

Where most men are getting it wrong is that they aren’t paying attention to why the vibrator is so successful, and why they are dismal failures…..So let’s dive deep and look at the 3 principles of the vibrator.


Just watch any women with a hitachi at her disposal… She’s not rubbing it all around in random places. She’s not a lost puppy trying to decide where maybe she should place it? NOOOO, she’s planting that sucker on her clit….and it’s NEVER moving.

Why would you randomly be trying to tongue fuck her vagina, or licking and sucking random parts of her pussy?

When the girl wants to get off, that vibrator is stapled to her clit, it doesn’t move. It’s like the terminator from the terminator movies……can’t be bargained with, can’t be reasoned with, it just stays there….like an obedient machine. So guess what?

You need to stay there too.


The girl will choose her setting of vibration and that’s it. It’s not going fast one second and then slow as molasses the next. NOOOO! It’s staying very consistent in the speed and pressure.

Guess what? 

So should you.

When you find the correct speed and pressure that works for the girl, don’t deviate too much, stay focused…..stay consistent.


The vibrator is not lazy, the vibrator doesn’t cramp up, the vibrator doesn’t need to blow it’s nose during the act…..guess what?

Neither should you.

Constantly stopping and breaking her rhythm is a surefire way to leave her without an orgasm and to leave you watching netflix alone with her cat.

Jaw hurts?

Suck it up.

Getting tired?

Suck it up.

Mind wandering?

Stay focused and suck it up.

By applying these principles you allow yourself the opportunity to be a champion on the field, to be carried off under the sunset as a winner…..Who knew a little handheld device could teach so much.

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