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Absolutely all your problems in the bedroom disappear once you unlock your sexual superpowers.


The problem, is who out there is teaching men the real, tangible, and elite sexual skills they need to overcome their anxiety around sex?


No one.


After a successful career in adult entertainment and over 5,000 women to experiment, learn from and hone my skills with, I’m committed to educating men and helping them become better, and more confident, sexual partners.

* So, if you’re afraid of underperforming or not performing at all, so you’re just sitting it out…

* If your performance in the bedroom keeps leaving you feeling inadequate

* If you’re ready for more fun and confidence in the bedroom but don’t know how to get it

* If you’re embarrassed, insecure, and worried you’re going to be “that guy” she laughs about with her girlfriends….



You’re about to blow her mind and be “that guy” she and her girlfriends can’t stop talking about.

This group is for men looking for the elite sexual education to take your skills to the next level that you just can’t find anywhere else.


You’re the perfect fit for this group if you’re ready to level up your sex life and support other men in their experience too completely judgement free.


This is NOT for you if you’re looking for a place to ridicule or judge others, or learn about my life as an adult entertainer; this is about your skills, not mine.

If you’re ready to become that man that has the skills and knowledge to drive women wild…

And welcome to your education.

~ Erik Everhard

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